5 Benefits Of Garage Epoxy Flooring

You could have the most marvelous garage storage system in the world. But, when your garage door opens, what is the first thing your neighbors see? The garage floor, in all its glory. If your garage floor is an expanse of dirty cement with cracks and oil stains, you need something better. Lest you think that garage floor coatings are only for aesthetics, you should know that our garage floor options present a professional look while they help you protect your investment.


Most garage owners struggle with floors that are either cracked, scratched, faded, or just plain old. Combine this with the cost of frequent repairs, and you have in your hands a real problem. Epoxy floors are 3x stronger than concrete, which makes them durable for years and years to come. The strength of the floor makes it ideal for vehicle traffic, and those numerous items you store in your garage. Our epoxy floors are UV stabilized and don’t yellow. They are abrasion, impact, and hot-tire resistant. Talk about floors that don’t break.

Low-Maintenance, Easy To Clean

If you dread cleaning your garage, with epoxy flooring, cleaning just got easier. The seamless surface of the floor makes it resistant to dirt, and dust. Epoxy floors are in addition, stain and chemical resistant. Gone are the days when you have to beat yourself over oil spills, chemical spills, or whatever liquid spills. Just wipe and go!

Anti-Slip And Anti-Skid

The shiny look of epoxy floors doesn’t make them slippery. During installation, to increase the anti-slip property of the floor, we add an anti-slip coat. This takes away the concern of slips and accidents


Epoxy floors are not only affordable but cost-effective in the long run. Imagine having a poor quality floor that you have to repair often, or one solid floor that can last for many years to come.


If you go for the looks, welcome to the world of epoxy. Epoxy floors have a glossy mirror-like finish, that is eye-catchy and beautiful. You can install metallic epoxy garage floors, or you can go for a matte finish (a low-sheen look). Either way, you get an epoxy floor that is attractive, and that your neighbors can’t stop “wowing” over.

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